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Gary Fletcher was born September 15th 1940 in Columbia New Hampshire, the son of an army officer and his wife. When he was a young child his family and he moved to southern Maine so his father, Roger, could attend Stratham Technical Institute for electrician’s classes, which ultimately led to his employment at the Portsmouth Navel Shipyard. While attending Frisbee school and Traip Academy in his hometown of Kittery Maine, Gary was very active in sports playing most that were offered. Basketball, football and baseball were his favorites and one time he even had major league scouts come look at him because he was such a great pitcher. As he grew he was a regular around Portsmouth, New Hampshire. People seemed to remember him due to his overwhelming size. He was also an easygoing very likeable fellow who after a few drinks was your best friend and hopefully not your worst enemy! In the mid 60’s he and a friend from childhood set out to seek their fortune starting in Connecticut and eventually ending up in southern California. It was there, at an all you can eat buffet that he was approached by Al Lovelock aka “The Great Bolo” and “Big John ~ ? ~” who asked him if he had ever thought about wrestling. He had not, but with their guidance and training and a pair of Jerry Leonard overalls by 1968 he had entered the world of professional wrestling. Always athletic for a big man, Man Mountain Mike (as he was now aptly titled) was quick off the ropes. Very deceiving for a big man, he could easily catch his opponents by surprise. It was these skills that took him around the world as a professional wrestler. From Texas to Tokyo he thrilled audiences and honed his craft. It was in Florida after a match at a red light where he met Mary Lee Quinn who had just come from the match herself. She and her brother Kevin (who was a diehard wrestling fan) had actually just witnessed the big man in action. Little did he or she know that within the year they would be man and wife and she would accompany him to all his matches from there on out. It was November 23, 1974 in California when they gave birth to their only child Shawn. Soon with an increasing awareness of family life in full swing, the Fletchers moved back to New England. This is when Man Mountain Mike joined the ranks of the WWWF and was able to maintain his career until 1977 when he retired from Professional wrestling. He used some of his HARD EARNED savings to purchase a house on Ocean Rd and open Man Mountain Mike’s dry-cleaners and laundromat in Portsmouth New Hampshire, which he operated until 1981 when the family moved to South Berwick, Maine and he again opened another dry-cleaners and laundromat of the same name. Becoming a born again Christian in 1982 he attended the Bible Speaks church in South Berwick and was very active in church functions and returned to his roots so to say, becoming involved with the men’s basketball league. He lived there with his family until his untimely, shocking and sudden passing on April 30, 1988. He was laid to rest in Woodlawn Cemetery in South Berwick Maine and on his tombstone it reads, “Here lies Man Mountain Mike. Beloved husband, father, brother and son. He lived his life for the Lord”

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